Welcome and Guidelines

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Welcome and Guidelines

Post by Catt Mallahan on Wed Feb 18, 2015 3:57 pm

Welcome current, new, and prospective members of Boom Beach Task Force Dagger (#GLU02PR)!


-Contribute intel to the task force.
    -This is a primary function of the task force.  Together we accumulate more intel, allowing for operations on tougher bases with higher rewards.

-Communicate with members of the task force to optimize operational performance. 

-Participate in attacks regularly and cohesively to increase your and everyone else's OP reward.
    -Attack wisely. (e. g.  If there's a lone sniper tower in one corner of a base don't waste energy or troops trying to destroy it as it has no bearing on
      defeating the base.)
    -Use artillery on high priority targets. (e. g.  If there's a shock launcher covering the area around the power core, focus your artillery on that.  Your
      artillery alone won't destroy it, but after a few attacks it will be on the brink of destruction.)  If turrets are side by side (or corner to corner) place
      artillery effectively to damage both.
    -We are each strengthening our forces individually which will lead to a stronger overall task force.  No one is expected to take down a base
      single-handedly.  Just do your best, be thoughtful with your attacks, and consistently participate in each operation.  
         -Members observed to be inactive may be expelled at the discretion of the leader and officers.

Together we will be victorious!

 -Do NOT ask to be promoted.  Promotions will be made based on recommendations from officers and performance of the above functions. 

    -If promoted, sabotage no more than one time each per OP.  

    -The intel belongs to the task force as a whole, not any individual member.  
    -If intel is squandered on sabotaging we may not have enough to initiate the next operation.

Happy hunting,
Catt Mallahan
Leader, Task Force Dagger (#GLU02PR)

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